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Vendor tells woman not to buy pork if she cannot afford it

An argument between a vendor and a woman broke out at the market in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 on May 10.

Ms Yu, a 40-year-old medical worker, told Shin Min Daily News that she went to the stall selling barbecued meats and asked for the price of pork.

Mr Wu, the stall's 46-year-old owner, told the Chinese daily that Ms Yu scoffed.

"She thought the pork was too expensive. I just said, 'If it's too expensive, don't buy it.' She started to curse, so I cursed back."

Ms Yu said she got angry and quarrelled with Mr Wu.

"There may be competition between him and the barbecue stall opposite his. I bought something from the opposite stall first, which could have made him dissatisfied," she explained.

Ms Yu claimed Mr Wu kept trying to film her as they argued and his handphone was even touching her nose.

"I just blocked his phone with my hand, but he suddenly let go and the phone fell to the ground," Ms Yu said in response to Mr Wu's claim that she knocked his phone off his hand.

The argument ended after the police arrived at about 8.15am.

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