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Chicken seller's car smeared with poop, man arrested

A chicken seller's car was smeared with poop in the carpark near Sims Vista Market & Food Centre in Aljunied.

A chicken seller's car was smeared with poop in the carpark near Sims Vista Market & Food Centre in Aljunied on Nov 19.

A cake with a flower stuck in it as well as an orange with a red string and two joss sticks were also on the car's bonnet.

Stuck on the windshield was a note addressed to someone named Tan with the message in Chinese: "If you don't want people to know, don't do it."

The culprit admitted to Shin Min Daily News on Nov 21 that he had targeted the wrong car and he apologised.

Mr Zhou, a cleaner, had intended his target to be his neighbour, whom he has known for many years.

"He has been causing trouble for me," said Mr Zhou. "I couldn't take it anymore, but I didn't dare to have a confrontation, so I decided to smear poop on his car to vent my anger."

He said he went to the toilet, placed his poop in a plastic container, put on gloves and went to smear the excrement on the car before realising his mistake. 

"The two cars were the same model. Both were white and their license plates were very similar," said Mr Zhou.

The police told The New Paper that they received a call for assistance at Block 49 Sims Place on Nov 19 at about 10.20am.

A 52-year-old man was arrested for public nuisance. Police investigations are ongoing.

The car belongs to Madam Wong, who was selling chicken in the market at the time, reported Shin Min Daily News.


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She was shocked and angry at what happened to her silver Toyota Camry.

"The car was beyond recognition," Madam Wong, 60, told Shin Min.

"After I cleaned it myself, I had to go to the car wash to get it cleaned more thoroughly. We have never offended anyone. We work hard every day and have to face this kind of thing. The person who did this is really too much."

Mr Zhou has offered to compensate for the cost of the car wash and offered to wash the car every day to make amends. 

It was earlier speculated that the wrong car was targeted as there were other similar cars parked in the area.

A witness who also worked at the market said that he had seen a middle-aged man sneaking around the car before the incident.

"He looked suspicious. He was walking back and forth and looking around from time to time as if he was looking for an opportunity to strike," said the witness

In addition to the note left on the car, vulgar notes with the same name and similar handwriting were also pasted on the pillars inside the market.