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This is the way I ride my bike; run it over if you don't like

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In moments like this, you just can't decide whether to laugh or get angry.

A food delivery rider in the north-eastern part of Singapore has found himself in the limelight after a video capturing his antics on the road was shared on SG Road Vigilante (SGRV) Facebook.

The first part of the video taken on Thursday (June 9) shows the gungho man on an e-bicycle in Sengkang Central, where he cuts off a car on the right of a two-way lane road and gets honked at repeatedly. A truck is parked on the left lane of the road.

The rider ignores the honking at first and continues nonchalantly, which leads to more honking.

And that is when he halts abruptly, gets off his bike and gestures to challenge the driver to run over his ride. He then stands beside the stationary truck and crosses his hands to stare at the driver.

He later returns to his bike, shows a rude gesture and rides off, still hogging the right lane.

A second video shows the same man in Punggol Central on May 23, riding recklessly while turning right. The driver of the car that is recording the scene is forced to brake to avoid a collision.

Most of those responding to the video criticised the e-bike rider, but some also found his antics hilarious.

A netizen said: "I drove behind this rider... The way he rides like he owns the road is really left right left right..."

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