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Wet and cold weather expected to continue until end of January

Singaporeans can expect the weather to be wet and chilly till the end of January, with temperatures going as low as 23 deg C on some days.

Wet weather is likely to continue in the first week of the coming fortnight, said the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) on Jan 16, adding that there may be widespread continuous rain – which may be heavy and accompanied by thunder at times – between Jan 18 and 20.

Some places may experience short, thundery showers in the afternoon in the second half of the next two weeks.

Total rainfall for the second half of January is expected to be above average in most parts of the island.

Daily temperatures are likely to range between 23 deg C and 29 deg C on days with continuous rain, while the maximum temperature might go up to 33 deg C on other days, said MSS.

Singapore welcomed the first two weeks of 2024 with rainy weather. Most places across the island experienced thundery showers in the afternoon on most days, with the rain extending into the night on some days.

The rainfall levels were well above average during this fortnight, said MSS. Kranji recorded rainfall that was 184 per cent above average levels.

On Jan 4, there were moderate to heavy thundery showers in many parts of Singapore in the afternoon. The daily total rainfall of 121mm recorded on Pulau Tekong that day was the highest recorded for the first half of January 2024.

The daily maximum temperatures during this period were below 33 deg C on most days, MSS said, with the highest daily maximum temperature of 33.6 deg C recorded in Clementi on Jan 2.