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Woman, 82, fishes in Sembawang daily – and she never brings home the catch

This article is more than 12 months old

Walking along Sembawang Jetty on any given day, you may notice an elderly Malay woman clad in baju kurung and water moccasins, and armed with a cast net.

She is reportedly 82 years old, and visits the area almost every day, even during the fasting month. 

And it’s all for the love of fishing. 

Facebook user Lam Keong Yeoh shared a post about the woman, whom he refers to as “nenek (grandmother)”. 

According to him, she possesses the knowledge of a keen fisherwoman, as she shared with him how they were sizeable sea bass often hiding near the shore, in murky water.

She apparently does not bring home her catches at the end of the day, as there are “not enough people at home to cook the fish for”. Instead, she gives it to fishermen on the jetty, Lam said.

To her, fishing, in its purest form – no boats, elaborate rods or bait – is simply a hobby. 

“It’s a style of fishing that requires balance, skill and stamina – difficult even for a younger man, but for a seasoned practitioner like nenek it can be very effective,” Lam wrote in his post. 

She told Lam: “I’m still strong enough to do this every day. Alhamdullilah (praise God).”

And long may it continue.