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Woman at FairPrice criticised for allowing kid to stand on checkout counter

A customer at FairPrice has drawn the ire of netizens following a video clip of her allowing her child – a toddler – to stand on the check-out counter in the store. 

A clip posted by TikTok user Tlbangela on Monday (Sept 25) shows a woman allowing her child to stand on a platform marked “Place Basket Here”, while she scanned her shopping items.

Speaking to AsiaOne, Tlbangela said she was queueing behind the woman at the FairPrice outlet in Upper Serangoon View.

She added that a FairPrice employee had "told her nicely" to bring her child down from the platform, but the woman, it seemed, "looked unhappy". 

She then replied in Mandarin, "I will be careful". 

In a video caption written in Chinese, Tlbangela noted: "In our society today, I wonder if people study too much or there's something wrong with their brains. It says to put your basket but she placed her child on top".

Towards the end of the video, the boy slips off the counter and is about to fall between the gap, before the woman grabs hold of him – just in time. 

A female voice from behind the camera can be heard saying "arh", in a disapproving tone. 



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Several netizens chastised the woman in the comments for her questionable parenting, as well as her alleged bad attitude.

"Not for your kids to stand there, it's inconsiderate and unhygienic. It's meant for frozen food and drinks!" read one comment.

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