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This woman is quite possibly the worst commuter to be seated next to

Think you have seen the worst side of commuters on public transport?

Stomper B’s unpleasant experience with a passenger on bus service 807 in Yishun might take the cake.

B said she was seated next to a woman who had no regard for societal norms on Sept 21, at around 10.20am.

A video shows the woman picking her nose on the bus while having one foot on the seat in front of her.

B told Stomp on Nov 16: “At first, I felt uncomfortable because I was squeezed into a corner due to the woman’s body size.

“I became annoyed when I saw her lift her feet onto the seat. I noticed her skin problem, which seemed very unhygienic.

“My discomfort escalated when I caught her digging her nose regardless of societal norms, making the situation even more disgusting.”

According to B, the woman had her foot “up there” for around five to 10 minutes, from the time she boarded the bus until she alighted at Khatib MRT station.

The Stomper added: “I think not many people could see her because we were in the last row. Also, many people were on their phones since it was during working hours. Perhaps some saw her but didn’t feel bothered because it wasn’t close to them.”

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