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Women engage in profanity-laced shouting match in Serangoon

Residents of an HDB block in Serangoon had to contend with a shouting match between two women recently. 

In a video that has been circulating on Facebook since May 26, the two women can be heard shouting at each other at night, their voices resonating throughout the neighbourhood.

One of them was sitting at a coffee shop below, while the other was hidden from sight, presumably in one of the flats in the opposite block.

While it is unclear what they were bickering over, there was certainly no shortage of hokkien vulgarities between the two.

Investigating the incident, Shin Min Daily News headed to Block 204 Serangoon Central Road and spoke to the woman in the window.

When asked what had happened between her and the coffee shop woman, she answered in a hoarse voice that she was only watching the news and didn't scold anyone.

Shin Min also spoke to residents of the block, and apparently, a number of them have had to put up with the woman in the window for quite some time.  

Huang, a 29-year-old resident who moved into the neighbourhood a year ago, told reporters that the woman, living a few floors above her, would shout on a daily basis – sometimes in the morning at 8am, and other times as late as 1am. 

She said the woman always seemed to be scolding something or someone in English, but she could never make out what was being said. 

Another resident in her 60s, who asked not to be named, said the woman moved into the block about five years ago, and is believed to be living alone.

"She starts shouting whenever she watches news that makes her angry," she added.

The resident also discovered that the woman was a university graduate and a teacher previously. 

The resident said she did not know who the woman at the coffee shop was, but that it might have been someone who had enough of the screaming antics and decided to shout back.

One resident, Wang, told Shin Min he would sometimes wake up at 3am because of the shouting. 

Another anonymous neighbour said the woman would randomly shout at people on the ground floor.

According to Shin Min's sources, welfare groups had tried reaching out to the woman, but efforts were futile.