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Yeah, shop theft is a crime - someone please tell the monkeys

Sharing our little island with wildlife can be a joy, yes, but also a pain - and a hoot.

Especially with the cheeky monkeys and all they get up to. They can be anything from snatch thieves on the street to personal groomers in the park.

And now it seems their forays into crime include brazen shop theft.

A troop of long-tailed macaques raided a bakery and a supermarket and got away with their loot of bread and bananas.

It happened at Block 658 Punggol East on Monday (July 11), Shin Min Daily News reported.

It seems one of the monkeys went in alone first to scout the place out.

Once it was clear the freshly baked pastries could be picked up, in came the others.

There were at least 10, a bakery employee was quoted as saying, and they took four packs of bread.

But they weren’t done. What’s a meal without some fruit to top it off?

So the HAO Mart nearby was the next target. And this time they got their hands on a bunch of bananas.

A video taken by an employee of the supermarket shows a man chasing off the monkeys.

“We had to close the shutters to keep them from coming back in,” the employee, Ms Sherie Chan, told news website Mothership.

Ms Chan, who lives nearby, said she had often seen monkeys in the area, which is next to a forest.

Another resident spoke of how they had once taken a backpack from some kids.

But it seems the monkeys had not gone into the shops before.