US teacher apologises for killing, skinning rabbit in biology class

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This is how not to teach biology.

A US teacher is under fire for killing and skinning a rabbit in front of his students to demonstrate how animals are processed for food.

He had been asked by secondary students in a biology class to teach about animal slaughter and processing, said district spokesman Allison Westfall on Friday.

The part-time teacher is a farmer who raises rabbits and other livestock for food.

The teacher apologised to students on Monday after one of them told educators the exercise, which entailed breaking the rabbit’s neck before butchering it, was upsetting.

Excused from class

He had previously been asked by students to demonstrate the slaughtering of a rabbit, but had declined.

In the recent incident, the teacher had excused any student who did not wish to attend the class when the rabbit was killed, said the spokesman.

Killing and skinning animals is not part of the district’s 10th-grade biology curriculum, said Ms Westfall.

She declined to say if the teacher in question is facing penalties for his actions, citing confidentiality tied to personnel matters.

Source: Reuters

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