80-year-old smashes bank doors after learning her old deposit is only worth $4

This article is more than 12 months old

An elderly woman in southwestern China smashed a bank's glass doors in a fit of rage.

The reason for the outburst was her discovery that her savings were not what she thought they were.

In fact, her account contained just 20 yuan ($4.41).

The Beijing Times reported that the unnamed 80-year-old woman had tried to cash in on a 50,000 yuan deposit which she made at the People's Bank of China 62 years ago in Kunming.

However, the money was issued during a period of hyperinflation in China before the yuan's revaluation in 1955.

As a result, the woman's 50,000 yuan deposit became a mere 5 yuan after conversion, with interests bringing it up to a total of 20 yuan.

Before reaching the bank's branch office in Kunming, the woman had tried unsuccessfully to cash in on her deposit at various outlets for around 10 years.

While the bank tried to appease her with by offering 50 yuan instead, the incensed woman took her anger out on the building's glass entrance, prompting a call to the police.

However, officers who arrived on the scene couldn't find it in their hearts to arrest the old woman because of her age. 



Source: South China Morning Post