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Gary's woes over alleged sex tape continues

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It was a video supposedly shot in a hotel room, of a couple having sex.

The man's face and big tattoo on his arm were similar to that of Running Man's Gary.

The video, titled Gary Video, went viral online last Saturday (Aug 29).

Netizens had speculated wildly if the rapper from Korean hip hop duo Leessang was indeed the man in the four-minute clip.

On Tuesday (Sept 1), Gary, 37, vehemently denied this through a strongly-worded statement via his agency, Leessang Company.

The man's tattoo was on his left arm while Gary's was on his right arm, the spokesman said.

But the damage has been done.

The K-pop singer isn't the only one who has been affected by the scandal.

According to KDramaStars, the man in the video has come forward, concerned that his sex tape had got Gary into hot soup.

Yesterday (Sept 2), Allkpop reported that further complications have arose from the debacle.

Apparently, the couple in the video were having an affair.

The woman's husband told Korean newspaper Seoul Shinmun that since the video has outed his wife's adultery, his family has been suffering from the pain of her betrayal.

He said that he and his wife have only been married for three months.

"The one who is suffering the most is my wife.

"It's wrongful to consider Gary and the man in the video as the sole victims only because Gary's official statements were printed."

He added: "It's only been three months since our marriage but something like this occurred so we even thought about getting a divorce.

"But I decided to stay by my wife's side because her thoughts may stray in the wrong direction." 

As the video is still spreading on the Internet, he said that he is determined to find out who uploaded the video online and "punish" them for it.

"I realise that this crime is as scary as murder."

Source: Allkpop, KDramaStars, Seoul Shinmun

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