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Girl had sex with classmates in classroom

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A Malaysian Form Four student (equivalent of Sec 4) is alleged to have sex with boys in her classroom.

The 15-year-old, from Jasin, a district in Malacca, admitted to her sexual escapades after her mother spied on her and confronted her.

Curious on what her daughter, the eldest of three children, was up to when she's alone at home, the 40-year-old mother decided to snoop on her on Tuesday (Oct 27).

The teenager was usually left alone at home when her mother and security guard father were away at work and younger siblings were at tuition.

Seeing boys entering the house, the furious mother confronted her daughter.

Initially, she denied getting intimate with her classmates but later confessed after persistent questioning.


According to The Star, she admitted to her parents that she had been having sex with her classmates since May.

She also said that she had been "naughty" at seven different places, including in an empty shack near their home.

She said her most recent fling was inside the classroom after school last Friday.

On Thursday, police detained eight boys, between the ages of 15 and 16, for investigations after the parents made the girl file a police report.

Source: The Star

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