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Man in knee-length shorts told to cover up at KL airport

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A Malaysian businessman wearing knee-length shorts was told to cover up at Kuala Lumpur International Airport's Baggage Services Lost and Found section.

Mr Wilson Ng was forced to put on black trousers and swap his sandals for black shoes in order to retrieve his bag.

The incident took place on May 7, but Mr Ng only wrote about it on his blog on Thursday (June 25) after reading numerous reports on such incidents.

Mr Ng said an officer told him that his attire did not comply with the dress code and asked him to return home to change.

He was later given trousers and shoes to put on.

Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd said on Friday (June 26) that the incident was due to "miscommunication".

It told Malay Mail Online: "First and foremost, the dress code applies for public requesting for visitor passes to enter the terminal for any official visits or work purposes. However, the dress code does not apply to passengers passing through our airports."

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Other similar incidents:

(Left) Woman wearing shorts. (Right) Woman used a patient's towel to cover her legs. PHOTO: THE STAR

A woman wearing shorts was barred from entering a hospital in Selangor last week.

Her father later borrowed a patient’s towel from one of the hospital wards.

The woman covered her legs with the towel and only then was she allowed to enter the hospital compound.

The hospital's director has since apologised for the incident.


Two women who were invited to attend a press conference at a government building in Selangor on Monday (June 22) were told to wear sarongs to cover up their legs or be refused entry.

Klang MP Charles Santiago said the women were denied entry because their skirts ended above their knees.

One of the women managed to get in after wrapping her legs with a scarf. The other woman was offered a sarong by a security guard.

The Selangor government later apologised to both women.

(Left) Woman in skirt. (Right) She was handed a sarong to put on. PHOTO: THE STAR

Earlier this month, a woman at Malaysia’s Road Transport Department was handed a sarong and told to put it on.

An officer allegedly said he would not handle her case if she did not cover up.

She was dressed in a blouse and a skirt that ended just above the knees.

The department apologised on June 9 and said there was no dress code to enter the place.

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