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Teen date sparks brawl at mall

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When two groups of teenagers came to blows at a Kuala Lumpur shopping mall, some people were quick to claim the spat was a racial clash.

But it turns out teenage dating had sparked Monday (July 20) night's brawl, which left at least five young people injured.

Police also detained 11 others.

It seemed a 14-year-old girl had gone out on a date with a boy without her brother's permission, The Star reported.

The furious brother then brought several friends to the Wangsa Walk mall and confronted the couple.

Things turned violent when he tried to end their relationship. 

A mall worker said the fight broke out on the ground floor after two groups of about 40 youths came from the upper floors.

Forbidden love?

She said the two groups were using sticks and helmets to hit each other.

They also damaged a chair from a shop on the ground floor of the mall and the security office.

Wangsa Maju OCPD Supt Mohd Roy Suhaimi Sarif said the fight was over a "love affair".

“It was also not a racial clash as claimed by some on social media,” he told Bernama.

Supt Mohd Roy said a report had already been lodged on the incident and police would arrest those involved.

The injured received treatment in hospital. At least 11 suspects, aged 15 to 29, have been arrested.

Sources: Star Online, Malay Mail Online, Bernama

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