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Woman throws yuan bills at saleswoman's face

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An unidentified Chinese woman was caught on video throwing wads of cash at a saleswoman because she didn't want to be seen as poor.

The incident apparently took place on Sept 25 in a jewellery store in Handan, in China's Hebei province, reported the Daily Mail.

In the video, a young lady is seen standing at the counter and shouting at the assistant: "You think I can't afford it? What kind of shop is this? Do you believe it."

She then throws a stack of bills 100 yuan bills before saying: "I can buy the entire street."

The woman then digs around in her handbag and screams again: 'Do you know who my dad is?'

She then pulls out another set of yuan bills and throws it at the saleswoman.


When another customer intervened, the woman explained she just wanted to look at a bracelet.

During the whole episode, the saleswoman kept her composure while other shoppers looked on.

The video has since gone viral, enraging netizens.

It's not clear where the footage first emerged or who filmed it, even though one version of the video on Youkou, China's biggest video sites, has had over 270,000 views.

You can watch the video below.


Sources: Daily Mail, Shanghaiist

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