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300kg Indonesian man, who was forklifted to hospital, dies

A man in Indonesia, tipping the scales at around 300kg, who developed complications from his morbid obesity has succumbed to illness in a Jakarta hospital, reported Indonesian media.

Mr Muhammad Fajri, 27, died at 1.25am from a severe infection in his leg, Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital director Lies Dina Liastuti told reporters at the hospital on Thursday, after his weight disrupted his body’s metabolism.

She added that he had been receiving treatment for around a week, with a team of 16 specialists assigned to Mr Fajri’s case.

“This is something very unusual for someone to become this big. This would put huge pressure on the body’s metabolism. The lungs and heart would struggle to function... especially since he does not move around much,” Dr Lies told a press conference when Mr Fajri was warded on June 14.

“There are infected wounds on his skin. It is hard for him to breathe because of the infection and all.”

Mr Fajri was first admitted to a hospital in Tangerang two weeks earlier before he was transferred to Jakarta.

Videos of him getting taken to Tangerang went viral in Indonesia after he had to be moved with a forklift onto a pickup truck that brought him to the hospital.

A local disaster management official said the forklift was used as Mr Fajri was “too big to walk”, adding it took around two hours to lift him as the door of his home had to be broken down.

“His condition is due to excessive calorie intake and this is exacerbated by the lack of physical activity,” a doctor told Kompas.

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