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Al-Jazeera report: M'sian cop tried to blackmail PM of $17m

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Latest twist to mystery over deceased Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Another international news organisation has come up with explosive allegations against Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak's administration.

News channel Al-Jazeera has published an investigation into the 2006 murder of Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu that alludes to "massive cover-ups" by senior Malaysian officials.

Ms Shaariibuu was killed in 2006 in a high-profile case linked to a submarine deal involving a former Mr Najib aide when the latter was Defence Minister.

Mr Najib's former bodyguard Sirul Azhar Umar was one of two former police commandos convicted of killing model Ms Shaariibuu.

In the special documentary aired on Al-Jazeera's 101 East programme, it was said that Sirul allegedly attempted to blackmail Mr Najib to the tune of AUD$17 million (S$17m).

The documentary showed Sirul's hand phone SMS messages where he allegedly tried to extort Mr Najib for millions of dollars with claims that he would remain "silent" staying in Australia.

Sirul allegedly said: "I won't bring down the PM!"

He also claimed that he was not the one who shot the model.

He revealed that it was her alleged Malaysian lover, Mr Abdul Razak Baginda, who pulled the trigger.

Ms Shaariibuu's remains were found in a jungle clearing near Kuala Lumpur after she was apparently shot and her body blown up with explosives.

Sirul said he blew the body up.

He later fled to Australia and is currently being held at the Villawood detention centre near Sydney, reported the Malaysian Insider.

He had failed to appear at Malaysia's Federal Court hearing in January, at which he and former chief inspector Azilah Hadri, 38, were sentenced to death for the murder of Ms Shaariibuu.


Separately, the host of the documentary, Al-Jazeera reporter Mary-Ann Jolly, said she was deported by Malaysian authorities on June 14.

She said she was thrown out of the country when she arrived at KL airport in an attempt to interview Mr Najib about the extensive evidence collected by the programme.

A statement by Al-Jazeera said the Home Ministry deported her as her activity had a "potential negative effect on the image of Malaysia".

PM Najib Razak's office: Report is baseless

The Malaysian Prime Minister's Office (PMO) has reiterated that Mr Najib Razak "did not know, has never met, has never had any communication with and has no link whatsoever with'' deceased Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu.

A report in Al-Jazeera's 101 East current affairs programme on Thursday alleged that Ms Altantuya had ties with the PM and that the two men convicted of murdering her were linked to Mr Najib, reported The Star.

"The two convicted individuals were not the Prime Minister's personal guards. This allegation is intentionally misleading, and has been used to perpetuate baseless conspiracy theories.

"They were members of a unit of the Royal Malaysian Police that provides rotating security for government officials and visiting dignitaries. The Prime Minister was not aware of the actions of the individuals until their arrest," said the statement that was published in Al-Jazeera's website.


The PMO said that a thorough legal process had taken place, including police investigations and court trials, including at Malaysia's High Court, Court of Appeal and Federal Court.

"The guilty parties have been convicted and sentenced. At no point during any of these legal stages was the Prime Minister implicated, even indirectly. These malicious allegations are therefore also an affront to Malaysia's judiciary."

The statement also said that Ms Altantuya was never involved in the purchase of submarines for the Royal Malaysian Navy, as has been alleged, and that the purchase was directly negotiated between the Malaysian and French governments.

"The reality is that there was absolutely no wrongdoing on the Prime Minister's part in the Government's purchase of the submarines. Absolutely no payments ever benefited him. Again, these are baseless smears for political gain."

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