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Golden retriever stops burglar dead in his tracks – by being irresistibly adoring

A burglar in San Diego, California was about to make off with a US$1,300 (S$1,750) electric bike from an unattended garage when a golden retriever appeared and stopped him dead in his tracks.

It wasn’t from sheer terror, however. It was the irresistible urge to pet, kiss and play with a big, soft, hairy, needy dog.

The incident happened on July 15.

In an 82-second surveillance video released by the San Diego Police Department, the man could be seen about to walk away with the e-bike when a golden retriever came bouncing out of a side door.

“Hi, buddy,” the man could be heard telling the dog, as it leaped up to kiss him.

Instead of riding off, he wheeled the Electra 3-speed bike back inside the garage and leaned it against a shelf.

Then for about a minute, the burglar gleefully played with the dog.

“You’re so cool. Come here,” he told the dog, bending down to cup its face. “You’re the coolest dog I’ve ever known. I love you, too. You’re a sweetheart.”

Apparently concerned that the dog could run off with the garage door open, he asked, “Where’s your dad?”, while rubbing its belly.

“Your dad should know enough not to leave the garage open,” he said.

Then he called out towards the open door of the home: “Dad! Where are you?”

As the dog was licking his face, the burglar blurted, “I love you, too!”, and then laughed.

He told the retriever: “You’re the coolest dog ever”.

He then took the bike and made off with it.

The golden retriever, meanwhile, watched him leave — tail still wagging.

The police are still on the lookout for the burglar, according to USA Today.