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Japanese man who spent nearly $20,000 on dog costume gets cage to fulfil canine fantasy

A Japanese man who spent two million yen (S$19,800) on a realistic dog costume to achieve his dream of living like a rough collie has also acquired a cage to fulfil his canine fantasy.

The man, known as Toco, posted a video on his YouTube channel in February that shows him settling into a black cage in a room and pawing at the bars before the lights are turned off.

News site Indiatimes reported that rather than having free run of the house, Toco is locked in a cage for the night.

The video footage also shows him getting belly rubs, being put on a leash for a walk, and offering a toy in exchange for head scratches.

The video has chalked up nearly 130,000 views, with Toco receiving messages of support from fans.

One fan said: “I got sad when you were put in the crate, but then I saw you got tummy rubs and a walk, so everything is okay.”

Others were curious about how real dogs would react to Toco in his dog suit.

One by the name of Emile Francais wrote: “All you have to do now is set up a meeting with one of your own (dogs)! I can’t wait to see how your canine friend reacts.”

Last year, Toco posted a video on his channel showing him wearing the lifelike costume and going through the motions of being a dog.

He had previously said he specifically chose a rough collie costume because it looked most realistic and its long hair can, as he put it, “mislead the human figure”. Collies also happen to be Toco’s favourite dog breed.

His YouTube channel has videos of him living the doggy life, from playing fetch to going for walks, snuggling with stuffed animals and eating kibble.