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Japanese woman who stabbed boyfriend works on becoming influencer

In 2019, 21-year-old Japanese woman Yuka Takaoka sliced open her boyfriend's stomach in a sadistic murder at the lobby of an apartment block in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district.

A photo of her talking on the phone as she sat next to the body, ignoring the policeman in front of her, was widely circulated. Fuji News Network reported that she had told the police: "I did not call emergency services because I intended to die after watching him die from the stabbing."

She also claimed that she loved her 20-year-old boyfriend, Phoenix Luna, "so much".

The couple met at the nightclub where Luna was working at as a gigolo. Takaoka was smitten and they started dating. She grew possessive over time and paid him US$9,000 (more than $12,000 in 2019) per month to prevent him from taking on other clients.


Netizens said Takaoka was "too beautiful" to be a criminal and created memes and fan art glorifying the crime. They labelled her yandere – a Japanese archetype used to define an a girl who is excessively obsessed and possessive towards her crush.

Takaoka was jailed for three years and six months.

Now she is out and slaying it on social media.


@uyupekochan この物語はフィクションです #人マニア #ビバ良くない #うゆ #パワー #チェンソーマン #チェンソーマンコスプレ ♬ 人マニア - 工藤


Going by the handle uyupekochan, Takaoka is fast gaining traction on TikTok and Instagram, amassing thousands of followers in a matter of days.

Her fans do not seem to mind that she brutally killed her boyfriend because he was late in meeting her and she had assumed he was serving other women because she saw photos of him with other women in his handphone. 

They lap up whatever she has been posting on the two platforms, her posts met with comments praising her looks.

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