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'Luxury' prayer items from Vietnam gaining popularity in Malaysia

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GEORGE TOWN — This year, Qing Ming paraphernalia from Vietnam are becoming more popular because of their attractive designs and competitive pricing compared to those from China.

Vietnam seems to have drawn a certain percentage of the market from China for such items, especially the designs and accessories of shoes, handbags and dresses, which look like authentic branded goods.

Lim Yee Hern, 39, of Kong Fatt Trading, which sells Qing Ming paraphernalia in Penang, said the shop has more than 300 types of products, with half of them coming from Vietnam this year.

“They are much more attractive in design and of better quality, so our customers find better value for money in these products,” he said.

Yee Hern said for now, only smaller products were brought in from Vietnam, as the bigger ones, such as houses, buildings, cars and life-sized replicas of bicycles, were still imported from China.

“Many of the businesses dealing with Qing Ming products began sourcing from Vietnam during the period of China’s zero-Covid-19 policy, where factories were closed down,” he said.

Yee Hern also said his customers found they could give better offerings to their ancestors in the afterlife due to the quality and competitive pricing of products from Vietnam.

“Offerings to the ancestors are a personal thing, which is why we have several types of each product, for example, paper-made Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz or local cars, houses, accessories and books.

“The most sought-after is money in different currencies,” he added.

Jessica Lim, of Hock Huat Trading, said dresses and accessories from Vietnam are selling well, although people are still looking for the “big houses” from China.

“At least the Vietnamese products give customers other options because they buy the same products from China every year.

“This year, we are able to offer them something else that has better quality and looks.

“We have more than 200 products of all types,” she said.

Jessica said buyers have only been trickling in, but she expects business to pick up over the next few days.

Qing Ming is a major festival in the Chinese calendar. Families gather and clean the graves of their departed loved ones and ancestors.

It falls on April 5 this year, but families can begin to observe the occasion 10 days before or after the actual date. - THE STAR

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