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Malaysia police record statement of man who dropped off bag containing $142,000 at mall carpark

SHAH ALAM – The Malaysian police recorded a man’s statement on April 6 after he was found to have dropped off a suitcase containing more than RM500,000 (S$142,000) at a shopping mall.

The unidentified man, who was caught by the police through closed-circuit television camera footage, works for the same company as another man who had earlier claimed the suitcase found by a security guard, said Selangor police chief Hussein Omar Khan at a press conference.

On March 21, the police called for the owner of the bag – a pink and white suitcase brimming with cash – to claim it.

The bag, which contained RM100, RM50, and RM10 notes, was handed over to the police by the security guard, who had found it a day earlier at the carpark of the mall in the Damansara area of Petaling Jaya.

After more than week, a director of a timber company claimed to be the owner.

Datuk Hussein said the police have also identified seven sets of fingerprints on the bag and will conduct further investigations.

“We will look into the source of the money. Once we are satisfied that the money is indeed from the claimant... we will return the suitcase,” he said, adding that the investigation findings would also be forwarded to the deputy public prosecutor.

Three more people were called in to provide statements and assist in the investigations. They are believed to be friends of the director of the timber company, said Mr Hussein on April 6 in an interview with Malaysian daily Harian Metro.