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Malaysian girl with cerebral palsy bedridden after chair-pulling prank

A Malaysian child with cerebral palsy suffered serious spinal injuries and has become bedridden after a nasty prank in school.

The mother of the child, known as Iqa, took to TikTok to share her daughter’s plight. She said Iqa fell after a friend pulled her chair away.

“All parties should remember the dangers of such pranks... Now we are faced with this, please pray that Iqa recovers quickly,” said the mother, who uses the handle “azera5276”.

The 20-second video posted on Saturday has gone viral with 1.3 million views and thousands of comments.

In a follow-up video posted a day later, medical staff are seen transferring the girl from a ward to another room for her magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan.

Iqa’s mother shared the MRI report in the video and said her daughter cried because she was in pain.

“We will be going in and out of the hospital for her to do physiotherapy... Mum and dad will do our best for you, you are our only daughter,” wrote the mother in the video caption.

A third video, posted on Wednesday, showed the girl in better spirits and seated in a wheelchair.

In the video, the mother shared that Iqa suffered a fracture in her tailbone, slipped discs, and bruising on her bones, due to the prank.

She also said Iqa has been discharged from the hospital.

“She requires a pillow when she sits, but she cannot sit for too long and has to be on bed rest most of the time,” added the mother, who also shared a poster warning the public against the dangers of chair-pulling pranks.

Netizens were outraged over the incident, with many saying they were victims of such pranks and are still suffering from the effects today.

“I’ve been suffering for 32 years because of cases like this. I have an L1-L5 slip disc and just had a steroid injection on Oct 5 but the pain is still there. I swear by Allah I won’t forgive them,” said a commenter, “Kak Long Aini”.

Another netizen, “semuanyapinjamanAllah”, noted there were a lot of such cases and that teachers should remind their students of the dangers of such pranks.

Some like “Aniza_putera70” urged Iqa’s mother to demand the perpetrator’s family to pay for all medical costs until the girl is fully healed.

A similar incident took place earlier in 2023 when a Malaysian child actress was left unable to walk and had to wear diapers after another child pulled away the chair she was sitting on.

Puteri Rafasya has since recovered from the ordeal.


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