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Malaysians laud cops who offer a lift to elderly man walking home in the rain

Two Malaysian policemen won the hearts of netizens when they offered to give a lift to an elderly man who was walking in the rain.

In a video uploaded by the Muar district police on its Facebook page on Monday, the two officers - identified only as Corporal Aries and Corporal Azmi - were driving along a road in Bakri town, Johor.

At a housing estate, they saw an old man walking slowly in the rain, holding a cane in one hand and a yellow umbrella in the other.

They immediately stopped their car and offered the man a ride back to his home in Parit Zin, about 2km away.

The video then showed a footage of the man, who was not named, alighting from the patrol car upon arriving at his single-storey home.

The cops’ heartwarming gesture warned the hearts of Malaysians who lauded them for their act of kindness.

“May this noble effort continue to strengthen the relationship between the police and the people,” commented Mr Sams Samosa.

Some like Mr Samputra Ven, also singled out Corporal Aries, saying that he is known for being nice.

“He has a very soft heart, he can’t bear to see people suffer. He is like a durian, he looks fierce on the outside but he is soft on the inside,” added Mr Ven.

MPV JH723 Bertugas Koperal Aries dan Koperal Azmi bantu seorang warga emas pulang dari Pekan Bakri ke Parit Zin, Bakri. Ketika kejadian hari hujan. #PolisDanMasyarakatBerpisahTiada

Posted by Polis Daerah Muar on Monday, September 18, 2023