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Man in China fatally stabs daughter after she racks up $200K in credit card debt

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A man in China was sentenced to 15 years’ jail for stabbing his daughter after she racked up credit card debts of over 1 million yuan (S$200,000) from online shopping.

According to China's Xinmin Evening News, the 30-year-old Liu Juan’s (not her real name) addiction to online shopping started in 2019. Back then, the family would receive a few credit card statements every other day.

They would also receive many packages daily, to the point that even before an older package could be opened, there would be a new one at the door.

However, Liu Juan could not afford to pay the bills with her monthly income of around 4,000 yuan (S$780).

Her father then drew from his savings and even borrowed from relatives to repay her debt. 

But the woman’s purchases did not stop. She also borrowed money from relatives and took out a number of online loans to fund her spending.

As the bills piled on, the father sought more loans from relatives – amassing more than $10,000. 

On the day of the incident, he was having dinner and drinks with a relative, who cautioned him that his daughter may have borrowed from loan sharks.

When he returned home, he saw Liu Juan on her phone, and they began arguing about her debts.

During the altercation, he took a fruit knife and stabbed her to death.

He then called the police and waited for them to arrive.

The court convicted Liu Gang of intentional homicide, and sentenced him to 15 years’ jail. 

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