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Primary school head gets death sentence for raping 6 girls

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The way a primary school headmaster abused the trust placed in him was horrific.

Yang Dazhi, 41, molested and raped six young girls from Xianjin Primary School in Guizhou province, China. His youngest victim from the rural Chinese village was just eight years old. The oldest was 13.

Media reports like Hong Kong Free Press said that a Guizhou court gave him the death sentence for sexually abusing the girls.

He had raped them in their classrooms and teachers’ office between 2010 and 2014.


Yang was arrested in June 2014.

One victim by the surname of Zhou said the first attack took place when she was in preschool, Global Times reported.

Yang had asked her to stay to do homework, then molested and raped her several times. He also threatened her to keep silent.

Her father said she has been deeply depressed and shown poor academic performance since.

$22,000 bribe to keep quiet

Yang and his wife, a village official, tried to bribe the victims' families into keeping quiet by giving them up to RMB100,000 (S$22,000) each as “government allowance”, Changjiang News reported, in citing the verdict.

Parents of the victims filed an appeal after the court turned down their request for compensation for physical and mental damages done to the girls, the report said.

High-profile rape cases like these are making headlines in China. PHOTO: YOUTUBE SCREENGRAB

Bijie Prefecture, a poor mountainous area in Guizhou, has made the news for the plight of “left-behind children”, whose parents left them to work in big cities.

Last year, a primary school teacher was arrested for sexually abusing at least ten girls.

This year, four children committed suicide at home by drinking pesticide.

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