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Taiwan boss gives workers $400 hongbao

It is not uncommon for workers to spend more than with their colleagues than their own family members during waking hours.

And a boss in Taiwan gets it that his staff would rather spend time with their family than with colleagues outside work.

So, he scrapped the annual dinner and dance, and handed out T$10,000 ($427) hongbaos to his employees instead.

"No one wants to eat dinner with their bosses," Mr Lu Shaonan, a livestream host and founder of Fufa Shoes, wrote on Facebook on Jan 16.

He added that his employers could use the money on a dinner with their family.

The decision was made after consulting the employees, who said not even the lucky draw gifts could entice them to attend the company's dinner and dance.

Mr Lu said the monthly team dinners would continue but he will keep making chances to continually improve the working environment.

His Facebook post, which has garnered more than 90,000 likes, has raked in more than 2,300 comments, mostly of netizens lauding his move and expressing their envy of the employees for having a "wonderful boss".