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Thai dad dresses up as woman for daughter's Mother's Day event at school

A single father in Thailand decided to dress up as a woman and attend an event at his adopted daughter’s school.

No, he didn’t do it simply to be in drag for the occasion – rather, it was to celebrate Mother’s day with his kid. 

Donning a wig and dress, Joe Lookphonbodee (as according to his Facebook username)  portrayed the image of a mother for his daughter.

Joe also posted a 28-second clip on TikTok of an interaction between him and his daughter at the event.

According to Bangkok Biz News, Joe, 48, works as a physical and health education teacher in the Kamphaeng Phet province of Thailand.

His adopted daughter, Nong Cream, currently in Grade 3, studies at the same school.

For Mother’s Day, Joe said the school would organise activities for mother-daughter pairs. This led to him dressing up as a mother for the day to prevent Nong Cream from developing an inferiority complex, or to feel left out.


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“Personally, I’m not ashamed because I love my child,” he said. “We do fun activities together.”

Nong Cream said she appreciated the gesture, and thought that the clip on TikTok was “cute and funny”. She didn’t feel embarrassed, even telling her father she wouldn’t mind if he did the same next year.

“This year’s Mother’s Day, I want to say I love my father,” she said. “Thank you, father, for raising me and making me happy.”

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