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Tourists spotted wearing only trunks and slippers at Phuket airport

Before going on a trip to a foreign destination, travellers research hotels, places of attraction and eateries.

And if anyone were to search "travel etiquette" on Google, the first thing to appear on the screen would be "dress appropriately".

Two tourists at Phuket International Airport were seen dressed far from appropriately.

In a post shared in Facebook group Du Lịch Thái Lan on Jan 30, two men were spotted wearing only trunks and slippers at the airport.

Although the photo has attracted much amusement from netizens, it re-ignited the age-old debate on whether tourists need to mind local etiquette and norms.

On Jan 14,  two tourists sunbathed on the premises of Wat Chiang Man, a revered Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai.

The Pattaya News reported that abbot Phra Phayom Kalayano said it was a case of cultural differences and a lack of understanding of Thai cultural traditions.

Similarly, two tourists were warned by Phra Nakhon municipal police for sunbathing in bikinis at Sanam Luang, Bangkok, on Dec 29, 2023. 

Sanam Luang is the park in front of The Grand Palace.

Netizens are divided on this issue – brushing it off as sheer ignorance of the foreigners or arguing that tourists ought to be respectful of local practices, especially around places of worship and significant buildings

Let beachwear remain on the beach.