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Truck of dogs bound for slaughterhouse stopped in Semarang

What is considered a pet in Singapore might be meat for the dining table in other countries.

Indonesia is one of the few countries in the world where the sale of cat and dog meat is permitted.

However, thanks to animal welfare activists, the practice of eating cats and dogs is slowly being stamped out.

And thanks to them, a truck carrying more than 200 dogs bound for the slaughterhouse was intercepted in Semarang on Jan 6, reported South China Morning Post.

The capital city of Java is among a handful of Indonesian cities that have banned the sale of dog meat.

“We have had information about this for the past month, but only tonight were we able to thwart the transport of 226 dogs,” local police chief Irwan Anwar said of the canines that were found with their mouths and feet bound in the Surakarta-bound truck.

Five people in the truck were arrested and will be under an animal welfare regulation, under which the five can be jailed up to five years.

“Dogs, along with cats, are not livestock so they must not be made for human consumption," said Animals Hope Shelter Indonesia activist Christian Yosua Pale.