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US couple's jewellery heist foiled by lift

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A pair of would-be thieves would have made off with about US$86,000 (S$121,000) worth of diamonds if it weren't for a meddling lift.

Clad in ski masks, US couple Leroy Bridgman, 57, and Marcie Young, 61, allegedly broke into an Ohio jewellery store and bagged 26 diamond rings.

In the CCTV footage obtained by WCPO-TV, Bridgman can be seen breaking through the store's glass door and cutting himself in the process. As he made his way into the store, Young stayed behind to mop up his blood that had splattered on the floor.

The heist seemed to be going according to plan until the couple realised that their escape plan wasn't going to work.

At first, Bridgman and Young attempted to take the stairs down to the basement where their car was parked, but were forced to devise an alternative plan when they found that the stairs could only take them to the first floor.

Desperate for a way out, they headed for the lift and soon regretted their decision.

According to WCPO-TV, Bridgman and Young's ride to freedom stalled and the couple became trapped. 

When police arrived to investigate the break in, they heard noises coming from within the lift and enlisted the help of the fire department to open it.

Bridgman and Young were taken into custody after being freed from the lift. Police also recovered the diamond rings, which had been hidden in the lift's ceiling along with large screw drivers and a ski mask.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil believes that the lift broke down for a reason. He told WCPO-TV: “Sometimes karma makes sure things work out how they should." 

Sources: WCPO-TV, ABC News, Mirror UK


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