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Woman in Argentina miraculously survives from fall under train

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GONZALEZ CATAN - A woman in Argentina lost consciousness and fell from the platform onto the lines as a train arrived at the station.

CCTV cameras captured the heart-stopping moment she fell between the locomotive and the platform on March 29, at the Independencia station near Buenos Aires.

Commuters can be seen lining the platform, seemingly unaware of the stumbling woman in a white dress.

The young woman said she is lucky to be alive and is “trying to make sense” of the ordeal, reported The Independent.

After a stay in the hospital where she was recovering from the fall, she has since been discharged.

[WARNING: The video may be disturbing to watch.]

The incident came to light when a CCTV video was recently released by Trenes Argentinos, the Ministry of Argentina.

In the dramatic footage, the commuter is seen slowly walking towards the edge of the platform, as the train is seen entering the Independencia station.

However, she can be seen fainting and falling into the gap between the moving train and the platform, leaving fellow passengers shocked.

As the train stops, railway staff and police officers rush to access the situation while a crowd is gathered.

After some time the woman is seen being pulled out by a first responder who lay her on the floor until an ambulance arrives to take her to the hospital.

“I don’t understand how I’m alive. I didn’t have a scratch, neither on my arms nor on my legs. I fell onto the tracks in the middle of the two cars. It was nothing for such an accident,” the woman was quoted saying by local media C5N.

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