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Liu Kuan-ting and Sun Ke-fong welcome their first child

Taiwanese actor Liu Kuan-ting and actress Sun Ke-fong are now proud parents of a little boy nicknamed “Little Sun”.

Liu, 35, announced during Qixi Festival in August 2023 that he had succeeded in proposing to Sun, 36. They had dated for about 15 years.

After registering their marriage, they announced in October 2023 that they were expecting Little Sun.

Liu shared on social media on March 30 that he learnt about the good news at a petrol station when Sun, who is nicknamed “Little Bean”, messaged him that she was pregnant.

“I recalled outside the operating theatre what happened that night as if it took place only last night,” Liu wrote in Chinese. “My heart rate at this moment was comparable with that of Little Sun’s.”

Liu recently played a single father in the critically acclaimed movie Old Fox (2023). He said he calmed down after the medical staff asked him to wear an isolation gown and wash his hands before entering the operating theatre.

Little Sun was born via caesarean section.

“I was holding Bean’s hand and looking at her when there was the sound of crying,” Liu wrote. “You have arrived, Little Sun. Hi son, I am dad and she is mum.”


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The actor wrote that he was initially hesitant in carrying his son as he felt that the baby was too small.

“I will sing this song to you every night, son,” he promised, as he shared the English lyrics of the song You Are My Sunshine.

Liu also posted several photos of himself with his wife while she was pregnant, and one photo of little hands holding the fingers of two adults.

Liu’s manager told the media that the baby weighed about 3.4kg, and that both mother and son were doing well.

Liu’s announcement came on the same day as that of Japanese actor Go Ayano, 42, and actress Yui Sakuma, 29. They announced through their respective official websites that they have welcomed their first child together, without disclosing the gender. The couple registered their marriage on Dec 31, 2022.

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