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Bella Astillah to Ruhainies: ‘Because of you, my children have lost their father’

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysian artiste Bella Astillah has accused fellow Malaysian actress Ruhainies of lying to her and having an affair with her Singaporean husband, actor Aliff Aziz.

In an interview with Malaysia media on April 3, Bella, 30, claimed to have evidence of Aliff, 33, visiting Ruhainies’ home in Pavilion Suites Kuala Lumpur more than eight times.

“The car Aliff drove was a gift from me. Every single car under my name is equipped with a Global Tracking System (GPS),” she said, adding, “I didn’t install it to track Aliff’s every move. I believe everyone who’s scared of losing their car would install one.”

Bella – whose real name is Dayang Ara Nabellah Awang Astillah – also claimed to have proof of Aliff and Ruhainies, 31, having “inappropriate” conversations with each other.

The singer-actress said she obtained the evidence by hiding a recorder in the car.

“I’m too embarrassed to share more about it, but they talked about a lot of nasty things,” Bella alleged. The recording will be used in court as evidence, she added.

According to Bella, Aliff “changed” ever since he started working with Ruhainies on the Malaysian drama series Terjerat.

Despite allegedly receiving word from the production team that there was something going on between the co-stars, Bella refused to believe the rumours as she considered Ruhainies to be a good friend.

But when she finally decided to check the GPS logs, Bella discovered that Aliff had been frequenting Ruhainies’ home.

“When I saw (Aliff’s location) at Pavilion Suites, I called Ruhainies, and she pretended to be surprised. Ruhainies said she didn’t know, but when I checked Aliff’s location, they were together.

“She also lied to me about staying at the Four Seasons (hotel). If she was my friend, why would she lie?” she said.

Bella also issued a warning to Ruhainies, saying that karma will come for her someday.

She said sarcastically: “To Ruhainies, thank you very much. Because of you, my children have lost their father. Thank you also, Aliff, for being so willing to lie to make it look like you’re innocent.

“Ruhainies, you have never been married, never been a wife, never been a mother. Remember this, one day you will feel what I felt.”

On April 3, Bella accused her estranged husband of cheating on her 11 times, including with her younger sister Eriqa.

Bella said she first had suspicions about the affair when she and Aliff went for umrah, an Islamic religious pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, in 2022.

She claimed that Aliff and Eriqa had exchanged messages wishing for a smooth-sailing relationship, and Eriqa had accompanied Aliff to the Malaysian television singing show Gegar Vaganza.

Bella, who married Aliff in 2016, filed for a divorce from the Singaporean on March 11.

Her decision came two days after authorities from the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) nabbed Aliff and Ruhainies at Pavilion Suites Kuala Lumpur for suspected khalwat (close proximity).

Bella recently claimed that Aliff planned to divorce her in February as he no longer had feelings for her. But during divorce proceedings at the Federal Territory Lower Syariah Court on April 4, Aliff refused to divorce Bella as he “still loves her”.

This is the second time Bella has filed for a divorce.

The couple, who share two children aged seven and four, divorced in 2019 after he was accused of cheating on her but reconciled in 2020. – THE STAR / ASIA NEWS NETWORK