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Chinese reporter interviews Jackson Wang on the street, but fails to recognise him

What a boo-boo.

A hilarious exchange between a “blur” female reporter and Hong Kong singer Jackson Wang has been caught on video.

The reporter, from a camping media portal, was conducting a street interview and had no clue that the person she was speaking to was one of Asia’s hottest stars.

Camping Time, which shared the video on Xiaohongshu, posted: “While conducting a camping survey on the streets of Shanghai, we unexpectedly interviewed Jackson Wang at Wukang Road. He truly is a friendly citizen, and he’s so adorable!” 

Yet, you could argue that Wang, 29, didn’t look as polished as might be expected from one of the most handsome Chinese idols, and that’s why the reporter failed to recognise him.

In the video, the singer is dressed casually. He sports a black jacket and checked pants, a man bun, sunglasses and a five o’clock shadow.

The reporter is shown earnestly asking him and his friend questions about camping. And the Got7 member, known to be a nice guy, went along with the interview.

“We’ve gone camping before, but not together,” he says. He then asks the reporter why she was asking about camping.

She replies and asks them how their camping experience was.

The singer is seen exchanging glances with his friend before answering: “No feeling! There’s no particular feeling, right? 

“It just felt relaxing and there was a sense of freedom,” his friend replies.

Wang then decides to promote his Halloween carnival in Shanghai and invites the reporter to visit.

When she asks both him and his friend what they do for a living, he says that he’s a singer.

The reporter then tells him that someone asked if he was Jackson Wang.

“No, but many people say I look very much like him,” he deadpans.

At the end of the clip, the reporter finds out from the next person she interviews that she had indeed spoken to Wang.

Netizens who watched the video complimented the singer for being humorous and cute.

But some questioned whether it was true that the production team did not know it was him.

“If I recognised him, [I] wouldn’t have asked such questions. He even ended up interviewing me instead,” the reporter said.

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