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Coldplay pays tribute to late fan during concert in Malaysia

British band Coldplay pay homage to a devoted fan, Jade Mikayla John, during their electrifying Kuala Lumpur concert.

Coldplay fans in Kuala Lumpur witnessed more than just a concert on Nov 22 at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil; they experienced a moment of heartfelt tribute.

In a show that resonated with emotion and energy, the British rock band dedicated a special set to Jade Mikayla John, a late fan whose dream was to see them live.

In the midst of their over two-hour set, Coldplay paused to honour Jade. Chris Martin, the band's frontman, dedicated her favourite song, Sparks, to her memory, accompanied by her photo on the jumbotron.

"We played that song for our friend Jade who couldn’t be here today. We send all our love to Jade’s family. Thank you,” Martin said, touching the hearts of over 75,000 fans in attendance.

This poignant moment unfolded after Jade's father, Dave, reached out to a local radio station. His hope? To have Coldplay acknowledge his daughter, a lifelong fan.

Jade had eagerly secured her ticket to the Music Of The Spheres World Tour, anticipating the night she would see her favourite band perform.

Jade's admiration for Coldplay wasn't just about their music; it extended to their personalities and the causes they stood for.

She had aspirations of studying at a top bakery school and starting a bakery business in Britain with her boyfriend.

The concert wasn't just a tribute but a celebration of Coldplay's hits, from Viva La Vida to Yellow, and Fix You. 

Fans outside the stadium joined in, creating a chorus that echoed throughout Kuala Lumpur.

Among other highlights was Martin reciting a pantun in Bahasa Malaysia and improvising a Kuala Lumpur Song, singing his love for Malaysian rain.

As the night wrapped up, it was clear that this wasn't just another concert. It was a beautiful blend of music, memory and tribute, etching a special place in the hearts of those who witnessed it. - THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK