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Former radio DJ Daniel Ong welcoming another baby, his second son

Former radio DJ Daniel Ong is expecting an addition to his family, a baby boy.

The 46-year-old local restaurateur married art teacher Fay Tan, 37, in 2020 and they share a one-year-old son, Andre.

Their blended family includes his daughter Renee, 12, from his previous marriage to host-actress Jamie Teo, 45, and Tan’s daughter Gretel, seven, from her previous marriage.

“Two girls, two boys. Now it’s a team sport. 3v3 here, we come,” he wrote in an Instagram post on Thursday, sharing two photos of him and Ms Tan with the ultrasound scan.

One showed them smiling at the camera, while the other showed her lying on the floor in mock exhaustion in the background while he took a jubilant selfie.

“So when we first found out, we were like, ‘Really? So tired already’,” he wrote, tagging on a laughing-crying emoji and adding that they were “stoked for this blessing”.

“Gotta make some changes, this old man better start getting fit and trying to earn diaper and milk money,” he said. “I’m just realising when he’s 12, I will be 59. Holy cow. My late 40s are going to be shiong (Hokkien for tiring),” said Ong, who owns seafood restaurant Estuary and Dan’s Steaks, a chain of steakhouses.

He also joked about putting on weight due to “daddy pregnancy mirroring” and gave a shout-out to his wife: “To my darling love, hope you have a smooth one, stop feeling pukey and know you have a small army behind you. Jiayou, mummy.”

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