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Kiss92 DJ Divian Nair rushed to hospital for suspected stroke

Kiss92 DJ Divian Nair had a major health scare on Monday (April 4), when he suffered a severe migraine attack that caused some paralysis on one side.

As half his face began to droop, his wife suspected he was having a stroke and called for an ambulance, he shared in an Instagram post on Wednesday afternoon (April 6).

"Two days ago, my body told me to stop. Well, it kinda forced quit my primary functions," the 35-year-old wrote, adding that he underwent a number of scans at Singapore General Hospital.

"Fortunately, all the tests were clean and showed no indication of a stroke. While the doctors could not completely rule it out, they determined it was most likely a major migraine caused by severe stress and fatigue that resulted in symptoms mimicking a stroke," he said.

He reassured his followers he was feeling much better now and was on the road to full recovery before thanking healthcare workers and paramedics.

He also thanked his colleagues at the radio station for holding the fort while he was recuperating and off the airwaves. He hosts the morning show from 6am to 10am on weekdays.

"I've been stressed out with some rather large issues at work for the last few months but it's time to slow down and gather my senses. As cliched as it sounds, knowing I've worried the people closest to me has made me want to reset my priorities."

He added: "For now, I'm excited to try this thing people call sleep or something."


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