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Taiwanese singer Jimmy Lin injured in traffic accident

TAIPEI - Taiwanese singer Jimmy Lin and his son were injured in a traffic accident in Taiwan's Taoyuan city on Friday (July 22).

According to the Taiwanese media, the 47-year-old, was driving a white Tesla when the car was believed to have hit the road divider and caught fire.

Lin and his son were pulled out of the car by bystanders before the car burst into flames. Eye-witnesses said Lin's face was covered with blood and his arm appeared to have been dislocated.

There were no visible injuries on his son, who seemed to be in a shock after the accident.

Lin's agency released a statement on Friday evening saying that he suffered from several fractures and that the hospital is doing a pre-operative assessment. It added that his condition was stable but did not provide further details.

Nicknamed The Little Whirlwind by the media when he made his debut in 1992, Lin was a teen heart-throb, who is known for songs such as Summer Of '92, Not Every Love Song Has Fond Memories and Why Am I Always Hurt. He is married to former model-actress Kelly Chen, 38.

They have three sons - 12-year-old Kimi and six-year-old twins Jenson and Kyson.

According to Taiwan's Apple Daily, Jenson was in the car with Lin when the accident took place. Lin's wife and family have been spotted at the hospital where he is warded.

The Taoyuan Fire Department said the accident took place at 10.51 am on Friday and that the two victims were not seriously injured.

It said the man complained of pains in his left and right shoulders, while the boy had pain in his chest and neck, with signs of contusion on his chest.

The Taiwanese police said that according to traffic cameras, Lin was not speeding when he made the turn. A blood alcohol test showed he was not drinking before the accident.

Lin, who is known to love car racing, took part in his first car race in 1997 and formed his first racing team in 2006.

He also named his sons Kimi and Jenson after Kimi Raikkonen, who retired at the end of he Formula One (F1) season in 2021, and former F1 driver Jenson Button.

Jimmy Lin named his sons Kimi and Jenson after F1 drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Jenson Button. PHOTO: JIMMYLIN/INSTAGRAM
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