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Actress Kate Pang can’t recognise herself in son’s essay

TAIPEI – Is that really me? That was probably the question Taiwan-born actress Kate Pang asked herself after reading an essay written by her eight-year-old son, Aden.

The former Mediacorp artiste is based in Taiwan with her husband, Singapore actor Andie Chen. The couple also have a six-year-old daughter, Avery.

Pang, 39, shared Aden’s Chinese composition, titled My Mother, on social media on Thursday.

The boy wrote: “My mother is 39 years old this year. She is very fat, a little short and does not like to exercise.

“She likes to wear clothes with permeability, is very kind and always angry, but I love her very much.

“My mother is very annoying and will always do things which I do not want her to. She cares about me and will care about me so much that she beats me. I want to say to her, ‘Please do not get agitated’.”

Pang reacted to the essay with hashtags such as #IThinkYouGotTheWrong Person, #HowCan49kgBeConsideredFat and #AmIShortAt165cm.

She also wrote that she has been doing yoga for more than 10 years and could not bring herself to read the rest of the essay after the first sentence.

She wondered what her son would have written about Chen, 37 – who is starring in upcoming drama Silent Walls – if the essay had been about his father.

Her celebrity pals such as Yvonne Lim, Kelly Poon and Jaime Teo reacted to her post with laughing crying emojis.

Radio DJ Kenneth Chung, better known as Kunhua, commented with the same emoji: “The last sentence is too funny. How can you not get agitated after reading the composition?”

Pang replied: “I clenched my fist after reading the first sentence.”


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