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Li Nanxing surrounds himself with people who help him excel

Actor Li Nanxing does not want to be known as a perfectionist, a typical trait associated with those born in the Year of the Dragon.

He much prefers to think that he is passionate about his work.

“I make sure I perform to the best of my abilities in whatever I do. And where I fall short, I learn to do better,” the 59-year-old says.

“I also surround myself with people who can make up for my weaknesses and help me excel.”

He is referring to his talent management company LNX Global’s stable of artistes, which includes Constance Song, Vivian Lai, Julie Tan and Shane Pow.

“There are eight of us now, including myself. Come to think of it, you can call us ‘Ba Xian’, as we each have our unique strengths and distinctive personalities,” he says with a laugh, referring to the legendary Eight Immortals in Chinese mythology.

He may be their boss and the original King of Caldecott Hill, but he has no qualms asking his charges for advice.

“Times have changed,” says Li, who cut his teeth in show business in 1986 and became a household name with hit drama series such as On The Fringe (1988) and The Unbeatables (1993).

“I can’t catch up with what the young audiences like and rely on my team to tell me. I also have no social media skills.”

Li has no interest in having his own Instagram or Facebook account, and lets his team post updates about his life on LNX Global’s social media accounts instead.

He adds self-deprecatingly that he cannot take a good selfie and is amazed at how his artistes can edit and post their videos at lightning speed.

Since his last drama series I Want To Be A Towkay (2022), he has been taking a step back from acting to focus on other business opportunities and interests.

He also owns Cornerstone Pictures, a movie investment company and production house.

And trust is how he defines his leadership style.

He adds: “The Dragon is considered the most powerful in the Chinese zodiac cycle, but I don’t believe in using this ‘power’ to boss others around.”

Age has mellowed the veteran star, who had his fair share of bad publicity, including multiple run-ins with the law in the late 1990s to the early noughties when he owned several nightclubs.

This Dragon is lucky, and he knows it. “I’m blessed and thankful to have many friends who stood by me.”

These days, his side businesses include Tian Wang, a dessert cafe which he runs with his younger brother.

“We choose not to get our supplies from a central kitchen, so I’m very hands-on in the business. Give me any mango, big or small, and I can peel it in record time,” he shares with a hint of pride.

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