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Mark Lee calls out Lee Teng for being ‘unprofessional’ on set

Local actor-comedian Mark Lee did not mince his words when asked what irks him while filming.

“Some celebrities are unprofessional,” he said in an interview on Mediacorp video series In The Hot Seat, which he shared on Instagram on June 11.

The 55-year-old griped about how some actors could not wait to use their mobile phones to shoot TikTok videos while on set.

“Your job is acting, not TikTok,” he said.

Lee named Taiwan-born local television host Lee Teng, 40, as one of the offenders. “Sometimes, when we’re hosting (variety show) Body SOS and I see him put his phone in his pocket, I also cannot take it.”

Mark Lee added that he had told Lee Teng off, but his remarks were not taken to heart.

Addressing Lee Teng to the camera, he chided: “I told you before, right? But you never change. You still put your phone in your pocket, I don’t know what’s so important.”

In the comments section of the Instagram post, Lee Teng defended his habit, asking why he could not have his phone with him. He added: “I use it as a heat pack to keep warm because the studio is very cold.”

While Lee Teng did not agree to put away his phone the next time he was on set with Lee, he took the comments in his stride.

“He’s always my mentor. I’m not so petty,” wrote Lee Teng.