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'Some local artistes don't dare appear on my show', says Quan Yi Fong

Be it on social media or even talk shows, some celebrities just don’t believe in airing their thoughts. 

So says veteran host Quan Yi Fong who spoke to Lianhe Zaobao recently about the upcoming Season 4 of her talk show Hear U Out. 

In the new season, Quan chats with more Hong Kong and Taiwan celebrities instead of local ones, as was the case in the first three seasons.

Much of that has to do with the challenge of getting local celebs out of their shell, explained the 49-year-old.

"I have wondered why some Singapore celebrities don't dare to appear on my show. It should be easier in modern times – in the past, celebs were more careful with their words, but now they post freely on social media and mistakes are not uncommon," Quan told the Chinese daily.

"Some artistes may have an old way of thinking, and don't want to speak on the show… It's not that we don't want to invite them – we have invited them, but got rejected.”

Quan also shared how she always does her best to make her foreign guests feel comfortable on the show, even if they do not know her well.

She reminds them that the purpose of the show is for their benefit, and to speak out if they’re uncomfortable at any point.

She also gave us her impression of some of the folks that she has interviewed. 

Actress-producer Ruby Lin, she said, may have an intimidating aura, but Quan found her big-hearted, easy-going and responsive to her questions.

"I like her so much, even more now!" she said.

On Taiwanese singer-songwriter Eric Chou, Quan said: "He seemed to be uneasy during filming and frequently lifted his cup to 'take a sip'. But when the crew topped up his cup, they realised he hadn’t drunk much water.

"I had the wrong assumption that he was melancholic, but he was just reserved at the time; he’s actually a rather humorous and open person."

Another one who charmed Quan and her production crew was Hong Kong actor Him Law.  

Quan added: "He showed the authentic 'Him' (on the show) and we understand his charm now. He trusted me and I am grateful to him."

Hong Kong Cantopop group Grasshopper were also recent guests on the show. (From left) Remus Choy, Calvin Choy, Quan Yi Fong and Edmond So. PHOTO: MEDIACORP
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