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The versatile world of Manuka honey

It's versatile, lasts a long time & has many health benefits

We know manuka honey is sweet, healthy and expensive. But here is why you may want to invest in it anyway.

It is good for your body

Honey has many health benefits. It can improve sore scratchy throats and coughs and is said to help with digestion and boost your immune system. Manuka honey is also marketed for use in conditions including infections and inflammation.

It is a healthier alternative to sugar as it also contains minerals and vitamins, but diabetic patients should consult their doctor before taking honey daily. Everyone else, remember to enjoy your honey in moderation.

You can take it in many ways

The best, easiest and tastiest way to eat honey is on a teaspoon straight from the tub. And contrary to popular belief, it is okay to use a metal spoon to handle your honey, as long as it is not hot, said Mrs Moira Haddrell, the co-founder of Haddrell's of Cambridge, which is carried at Nature's Farm.

To soothe a sore throat, move the honey from the tip of your tongue to the throat very slowly. You can also use manuka as a salad dressing, add it to your cookie dough or drink it with apple cider vinegar.

It lasts a long time

This is all thanks to manuka honey's antibacterial properties. But since it is a food item, it does go bad. Try to consume it within a year to keep its freshness, advised Mrs Haddrell.

However, do not panic and throw your manuka honey away when you spot crystallisation in it, as it does not affect its quality or taste.

It only affects its texture, which you can fix by adding it to warm water.

How to get the best manuka honey

Make sure to shop at reputable retailers. For the best quality and purity, choose brands that are Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) certified.

This means the brands undergo tests by the UMF Honey Association to make sure the honey indeed contains the key markers of real manuka honey.

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Manuka honey is worth the money


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