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Boost your breakfast with Red Tractor oats, Australia's Own milk

Tasty and healthy FairPrice meals with Red Tractor oats and Australia's Own Protein Milk products

Treating yourself to a meal that is both tasty and nutritious is sometimes an inconvenience.

Also, foods that line the healthy section of the supermarket often come with a heftier price tag, as do places that serve clean eats.

One of the best foods you can make for yourself at home is oats.

Healthier than granola and suitable for both weight-watchers and those with chewing problems, oats provide an ideal all-in-one breakfast.

The humble oat is rich in protein, dietary fibre, several B vitamins and dietary minerals, especially manganese.

Not only does it possess cholesterol-lowering effects, it is enormously filling, which will curb your appetite so you eat less throughout the day.

The Red Tractor oats range is a great way to kick-start your morning, and it complements Australia's Own Protein Milk products perfectly, both of which are exclusively available at selected FairPrice stores.

Red Tractor Instant Oats - Omega 3 (500g, $6.95) is the brand's star item. Combining the delicious natural goodness of Red Tractor oats and the omega fatty acids of golden flaxseed, it will give you an extra healthy breakfast boost.

One hundred per cent Australian grown and made, the golden flaxseed contains lignans (which have antioxidant properties), beta-glucan (used to fight conditions such as high cholesterol) and is not artificial. The golden flaxseed is a rich source of dietary fibre, protein and omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids.

It is also a natural source of energy, with no added sugar.

Red Tractor Instants Oats - Omega 3 can be ready in just two minutes - cook with either water or milk (for a creamier consistency and additional protein).

Also easily prepared in that short amount of time is the Red Tractor Instant Oats - Natural Protein (400g, $6.95), a combination of premium wholegrain Australian oats, golden flaxseed flakes and nutty almond meal.

With a higher level of protein than standard oats, an excellent dietary fibre source and the added benefit of omega 3, it is the perfect breakfast option for the active family.

Also available are the Red Tractor Rolled Oats - Australian Creamy Style (1kg, $4.95) and Red Tractor Instant Oats - Australian Creamy Style (1kg, $5.25).

Red Tractor oats are steam stabilised (kiln-free) to deliver a smooth and super creamy texture, and are 100 per cent wholegrain, high in fibre and protein and contains beta-glucan.

The Australian grown and made product has other benefits, including containing no added sugar.

On the other hand, rolled oats are recommended for stovetop cooking, and Red Tractor Rolled Oats are perfect for a porridge or muesli breakfast or for baking in muffins, biscuits or your favourite cake.

If you have a love-hate relationship with milk and prefer a nutritious plant alternative that still provides key essential minerals and nutrients found in dairy milk, Australia's Own Like Milk Pea Protein Milk (original, 1 litre, $6.50) can be enjoyed in tea, cereal and smoothies.

One serving contains 8.8g protein, zero fat and is a good source of calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, B2, B12 and D.

Meanwhile, one serving of Australia's Own - Protein Milk (unsweetened, 1 litre, $6.50) delivers the same benefits as the above, including less than 1g of sugar.

Both are formulated with pea protein for its robust amino acid profile as well as calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B2 and B12.

Who knew the humble pea could be used to deliver the equivalent protein amount as dairy milk?

With Red Tractor oats and Australia's Own Protein Milk as your morning companions, begin your day in the healthy and hearty way.

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