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Treats and thrills this Halloween at FairPrice Finest

It’s trick or treat time as Halloween is just around the corner. And at FairPrice Finest, you’ll find treats and thrills in every aisle from Oct 5 to Nov 1.             

Get your Halloween party going with these wicked deals in a wide range of categories – from candies and drinks to a pumpkin fit for Halloween. 

Pumpkin Bay Pam    

Usual Price: $0.56 per 100g; Promo: $0.50 per 100g

These bright-orange pumpkins are usually smooth, tough-skinned, very attractive and uniform in size, with long, tight handles that stay sturdy after dying down. Ideal for painting and carving for the upcoming Halloween!

DELICATO Classic Mix Bratwurst Pork Sausage 360g     

U.P: $18.06 (for 2) Promo: $15.95 (for 2) 

Create the perfect Halloween spider with our Delicato Sausage. Check out the recipe online.

The Delicato Classic Mix comes in three flavours: smoked, flavour-infused mixed herbs & spices, and ooey-gooey cheddar. They're perfect for adding variety to your fuss-free dinners.

DAEBAK Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken Cheese Dry Black Cup Noodle 80g

Price: $2.30 (Brought in specially for this Halloween season!)

Infused with the infamous ghost pepper chilli, these noodles can bring grown men to tears. It’s seriously spicy.  


U.P. $8.20; Promo: $7.20    

Afraid Of The Dark, Lagerboy? This dark ruby beer that’s been brewed in Oxfordshire since 1983 is full-bodied and well-balanced, with a chocolate toffee malt flavour, moderate bitterness and a distinctive fruity character.


U.P. $6.90; Promo: $6.50    

A healthy version of a certain orange fizzy from childhood. Juicy, intense and tangy with just a touch of tartness, this is a smooth, full bodied beverage with bold and beautiful flavours that favour the brave and the thirsty.


U.P. $34.95; Promo: $28.95 (Price subject to further changes)

Chocolate lovers beware! This Hershey's Halloween House has everything you need to decorate a spooktacular treat. Kit includes pre-baked chocolate cookies, orange icing, Halloween candy and Hershey's Chocolate Bars and Kisses. Find the step-by-step instructions on our website. 

KIT KAT Breaking Bones Crisp Wafers White Creme 10.29oz    

U.P. $14.95; Promo: $12.50    

A classic treat that’s perfect for trick-or-treaters. Snack on these crisp wafer bars coated in flavorful white creme straight from the wrapper, chill them in the fridge for a cold treat, or top your best Halloween desserts to show off your culinary genius.

PALMER Mesh Tricky Treats 3.5oz

U.P. $3.50; Promo: $2.95    

Keep the Halloween tricksters happy with Palmer Tricky Treats. This milk chocolate-double crisp mix comes in a convenient mesh bag and features all sorts of scary things, from bloodshot eyeballs to purple-faced monsters!