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Five things you need to know to be a stand-up comedian

So, you want to be a stand-up comedian?

It's tough. 

We would know - we took on the challenge of making jokes on stage in front of a (small) crowd, to see what stand-up comedians go through. 

It's easy enough for the pros, especially for the likes of local funnymen Kumar and Rishi Budhrani, who will perform at the Kings & Queens of Comedy Asia 6 on Friday and Saturday (Oct 23 and 24) at the Esplanade Theatre. 

They'll be joined by Malaysian Harith Iskander and UK comic Gina Yashere. 

Ahead of the show, we decided we'd try to make a fool of ourselves at a regular comedy open mic night, Talk Cock Comedy night at Blu Jaz Cafe. 

Our mentor? Rishi Budhrani, who's been in the comedy business here for four years. 

His tips:

Most importantly, remember to always be yourself. Try not to be someone else once you're up on the stage. The audience will be able to see through it.

Rishi also talked about the more technical aspects of stand-up, which included what to do with the mike stand.

After watching this video, you might just be ready to take on an open mic night.



If you're wondering how these two TNP reporters fared on stage, check this space soon for the highlights and lowlights of our virgin open mic experience.