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Suspended LTA enforcement officer arrested

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Police have arrested the Land Transport Authority (LTA) enforcement officer who was filmed fighting with an Uber driver at Bugis Junction.

The altercation took place on Friday evening.

Police said that a 50-year-old man was arrested for affray on Saturday (Nov 28).

The video, uploaded to Facebook by the driver's passenger Ms Amber Pek, went viral and led to LTA announcing that it had suspended the officer.

Ms Pek's post and video have since been taken down.

The Uber driver, 59-year-old Mr Goh Kok Ling told The Straits Times that he had lodged a police report on Friday night, shortly after dropping Ms Pek off at her destination.

He had been feeling dizzy so he drove to the nearest Police station where officers arranged for an ambulance for him.

The incident began because Mr Goh drove into the taxi stand area to pick up Ms Pek. Cars are not allowed to stop in that area.

Accounts from both Mr Goh and Ms Pek say that the enforcement officer's tone was aggressive.

When Mr Goh got out of his car, the pair confronted each other with the officer throwing the first punch.  

Mr Goh lost a tooth from the fight and hurt his ribs.

It is believed that the officer belongs to an external firm and was contracted by the LTA.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said in a Facebook post that it will provide assitance to Mr Goh which includes the cost of the medical bills.



The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has conducted our investigation into the incident that involved an LTA enforcement...

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