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15 minutes to choose the best eggs?

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A couple caught the attention of other shoppers at a FairPrice supermarket in Junction 8 shopping mall on Thursday (Feb 23) at about 4.30pm.

A Stomper shared photos of the couple and said they spent 15 minutes choosing their eggs.

"They were opening all the egg cartons to choose eggs" said the Stomper.

"They transfer here and there until they found the 'perfect' eggs then proceed to the cashier to pay.

"Even my boy asked how can they do that?"

The Stomper added that she has seen some aunties swap fruits before, but never with eggs.

"The fact that they took so long and opened so many cartons puzzled us," she said.

"I don't think FairPrice sells rotten eggs, at least I've never encountered any before."

In 2017, Stomp reported on an auntie on a 'quest' to find the best eggs.

Back then, some netizens said shoppers should not engage in this practice especially if they happen to switch eggs from differently priced cartons.

Others said such sights are a 'daily occurrence' at local supermarkets.

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